Getting Bullied as a Kid, Feeling Inferior and Learning to Fight

Keith was verbally picked on all of his young life and even once while in high-school, was slapped in the face by a malcontent school yard bully. Getting slapped in the face, for a man, is almost as bad as being spit on. There’s something so degrading about a slap … Continue Reading Continue reading

Bullying: Giving, Taking and Stopping

Bullying is a bad thing. In some cases, a terrible thing. While I was never really bullied, I was, in a way, similarly touched. When I was about 12, an 18 year-old tough guy, told a new friend of mine, directly in front of me, “He’s real good looking ain’t … Continue Reading Continue reading

Bad Neighborhoods, Taking the Plunge and Protecting Yourself

Why do people from bad neighborhoods generally, street fight better than those from good neighborhoods? The reason is twofold—experience and necessity. People who live in the cruel trenches of society where dog-eat-dog mentality prevails and who live near those who prey on the weaker have three choices growing up. They … Continue Reading Continue reading

Violence Sucks, But…

Imagine walking down the street and being approached by a street thug and being hassled for the good looking athletic shoes you’re wearing. He likes what you have and he wants it. Imagine bowing your head and figuratively turning the other cheek. Imagine being confronted by a man who wants … Continue Reading Continue reading

Believe Your Eyes When it Comes To Karate, MMA or Self-Defense

Many years ago an incident occurred that has stuck with me forever. The dojo was full from wall to wall and it was crunch-time for the out-of-townee going for his black belt test. The test was at my father’s dojo and I was simply there to observe someone’s test. The … Continue Reading Continue reading

Live by the Sword Die by the Sword and I Pity the Fool

If you’re into self-defense, MMA or specific martial arts you’ve probably heard the saying, “Live by the sword, die by the sword”. It’s actually derived from a saying of Jesus, quoted in the Bible, in effect meaning that if you use violence you can expect to have those same means … Continue Reading Continue reading

Keep it Simple Stupid

The average street fight lasts from seven to ten seconds. If it goes to the ground, about one-minute. A street fight is any physical confrontation between two people. It could be a bar fight, a parking lot fight, you name it, any fight where two people simply duke it out. … Continue Reading Continue reading

Predicting If You Are Going To Have To Throw-Down And Fight

Did you know one of the best ways to determine if a child will become a victim of crime is to look at who he hangs out with? If his friends are criminals or better put, delinquent, he is more likely to be a victim of crime. The reason being … Continue Reading Continue reading

Alarms—The Good, Bad and Human Cockroaches

In my past life as a cop, I’ve been on literally thousands of alarm drops. They’re usually called drops which simply means alarm activations. How it worked was that either an alarm company called the police with a residential or business alarm activation or sometimes police dispatchers notified us directly … Continue Reading Continue reading

Adult Bullies, Assaulters and Big-Mouths

Who are those adults who bully others? Are they the tough guys of the world? Or are they the neurotic insecure folks of the world? Mostly they are the latter but there are some exceptions. Some bullies realize that they’re big and strong and perhaps that they can fight better … Continue Reading Continue reading

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