No Matter How Bad It All Is—You Can Be Somebody

I’ve had the good fortune to have been around many people who have been in jail. Yes, you read correctly, I didn’t say misfortune, I said good fortune! You might think that it would be bad to know lots of folks who walked the halls of jail or prison but … Continue Reading Continue reading

The Biggest Sin of All, The Biggest Human Tragedy of All

What is the biggest sin of all? And by sin, I don’t mean religious sin. I simply mean what is the worst, nastiest, ugliest, biggest, “bad” thing we could do during our existence while on this planet. Well, of course, most people would say that murdering someone is the biggest … Continue Reading Continue reading

Mean Gene the Sax Machine, Booze, Loose Women and the Blues

About 20 years ago, I was the drummer in a blues band that played out at local bars, colleges and festivals. The band was mediocre, even though we had moments when we were very good; on average, we were just okay. As a drummer, I was just okay too. I … Continue Reading Continue reading

Pawn Stars, Counting Cars, American Pickers, American Restoration, Being Liked and Success

For years, I’ve rarely watched television, other than news programs. About a year ago, my wife was watching “Pawn Stars” a popular History Channel program that shows a Las Vegas pawn shop in action. It showcases three family members who run it and one goofy employee and all the unique … Continue Reading Continue reading

Walking Tall–Doing The Right Thing—Is it Worth it?

        Is doing the right thing, well . . . right? How far do you go in doing the right thing? Or how do we even really know what the right thing is? Read this amazing story and see if you’d see so clearly and if you’d do anything … Continue Reading Continue reading

Sex or Chocolate? That is the Question

             Just about everyone likes sex in one form or another. Heterosexual, homosexual, with one person, with two people, by themselves sex, married sex, single sex, or in some other form, fashion or proclivity but most folks enjoy sex. But, there’s a big but with sex . . . no … Continue Reading Continue reading

Flying Blind

Already running late for work on a Monday morning, I filled my travel mug with coffee and reached down to the counter to gather my keys and cell phone. Suddenly, I was overcome by a flood of panic. I scanned the counter multiple times as my inner-monologue began to state … Continue Reading Continue reading

Economics 101 and Lower Prices–Simple and Common Sense Solutions In Life

I am not an economist nor am I even remotely smart about anything economics related. I’ve always believed that economics is for real smart people, much smarter than me and it was such a complicated discipline that only a select few could really speak on the topic with authority. I’ve heard … Continue Reading Continue reading

Give an Inch-Take a Mile–Men, Women, Control and Leadership

Don’t ya just hate giving someone an inch and them taking a mile? It happens every now and then to us all, but it still shocks us that some people see an opening or a  perceived weakness in us and they dive in and start orchestrating things at our workplace … Continue Reading Continue reading

High Food Prices & More Are Beating Up the Middle Class-Moms To the Rescue

CBS News recently reported that while the government says prices are up 6.4 percent since 2011 many food staples have gone up much more than that. Some specifics reported on were that chicken is up 18.4 percent, ground beef is up 16.8 percent and bacon has skyrocketed up 22.8 percent. … Continue Reading Continue reading

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      I own a martial arts school that’s the oldest continuous martial arts academy in Ohio. At The Mayfield Academy of Self-Defense we specialize in just what the name says—self-defense. We teach children, men and women. We have quite a diverse group of students at The Academy but I never really ...
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      It was a mini-blizzard in Lyndhurst, Ohio that December night as I pulled into Corpus Christi Academy. I was there for an elementary school musical concert—my first ever. Students from the 5th and 6th grade were getting ready to put on a musical concert featuring Christmas songs. I usually don’t ...
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      At our self-defense school, the Mayfield Academy of Self-Defense, we not only train in hand to hand self-defense but quite often practice defenses against knives, guns and active shooting situations. Not cutesy unrealistic techniques that some schools have been known to teach but basic and realistic moves that are the ...
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      I taught college Criminal Justice, on a part-time basis for about a decade. Out of about 6 of those years, I taught in downtown Cleveland in an area where especially at night, wasn’t very safe. During that time, I became friends with a parking lot attendant and former professional boxer, ...
    • Meaning—Makes the Man and Woman–Makes the Difference
      When I was a police supervisor in my 40’s, a young patrol officer who also happened to be my friend asked me what I thought about growing up in the 70’s. Jeff, had heard there was a lot of non-committal free love going on back in the day and also ...
    • Bars, Demonstrations, and Getting Thumped…
      Many people believe that they’ll be safe going to bars into the wee hours of the morning. I'm having fun! After all, they’re not looking for trouble and things should be fine. Moreover, some people feel that they can go to demonstrations no matter what it’s about or who the ...
    • White Privilege, the Latest Distraction
      I was watching a video clip on Facebook where an African American woman was talking about white privilege. She was brow beating a white, Jewish male trying to get him to agree with what has taken off as the new buzz word regarding African Americans in America—white-privilege. The male tried ...
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      Your son looks so innocent when he pets your dog and looks into its eyes. The innocence and love you see brings a tear to your eye.   And those special times that he comes up to you to share some new excitement in his life and you notice that ...
    • Who Do You Trust? Who Do You Respect? Politics, Media and You
      What active local or national politician do you respect and trust? That’s a question I often ask people when they start discussing the state of politics in the country. I don’t have a problem with anyone talking politics or even ranting about it as long as they don’t drift too ...
    • Sitting and Staring–The Andy Griffith Show-Mayberry 2017 and What Really Matters
      I was having a snack and watching TV when my 10 year old niece walked into the room and blurted out, “Wow! You ARE old. You’re watching black and white TV!” I glanced up at her and then back to the TV and exclaimed, “You’ve never watched Andy of Mayberry! ...