Wake Up Everybody, Again, or Still

Memory lane. 1975. ‘Harold Melvin & the Blue Notes’ featuring Teddy Pendergrass were on top of the soul music charts with several songs, including ‘Wake Up Everybody’. That song was, and to this day, is one of my favorites. It’s about how bad the times were back in the 1970’s … Continue Reading Continue reading

Live by the Sword Die by the Sword and I Pity the Fool

If you’re into self-defense, MMA or specific martial arts you’ve probably heard the saying, “Live by the sword, die by the sword”. It’s actually derived from a saying of Jesus, quoted in the Bible, in effect meaning that if you use violence you can expect to have those same means … Continue Reading Continue reading

Keep it Simple Stupid

The average street fight lasts from seven to ten seconds. If it goes to the ground, about one-minute. A street fight is any physical confrontation between two people. It could be a bar fight, a parking lot fight, you name it, any fight where two people simply duke it out. … Continue Reading Continue reading

The Fundamental Truth about Training—The Way You Practice Means Everything—Including Your Life

Years ago, there was a deadly nighttime shootout where two policeman were killed. When the smoke cleared and investigators arrived to assess the scene, they found something very unusual. They found empty casings in both deceased police officers’ pockets. The shootout occurred in the days when police carried revolvers. The … Continue Reading Continue reading

Bigger is Better and Big Muscles Mean Great Fighters…NOT

  Most everyone thinks that the bigger or more muscular someone is the better fighter or bigger bad-ass he must be. Many people spend hours and hours in the gym pumping their arms, chest and every other part of their anatomy and many look tough and intimidating. They walk around … Continue Reading Continue reading

Adult Bullies, Assaulters and Big-Mouths

Who are those adults who bully others? Are they the tough guys of the world? Or are they the neurotic insecure folks of the world? Mostly they are the latter but there are some exceptions. Some bullies realize that they’re big and strong and perhaps that they can fight better … Continue Reading Continue reading

Animal Abuse and Abusers, Weak—Broken People—Changing and Stopping

People who abuse animals come in three packages: mentally ill, almost mentally ill and pranksters. It’s simply not normal to cause harm to something that cannot help themselves. Torturing cats, dogs, mice etc. is simply something a human being does not do. In the same vein as a human doesn’t … Continue Reading Continue reading

18 Dos and Don’ts When a Loved One is Raped

If someone you care about has been raped, particularly if it was a recent occurrence, you’re going to be understandably upset. Most likely you won’t know what to do, or what’s best for your loved one, so here are some suggestions from someone who knows what it’s like to be … Continue Reading Continue reading

Be Perfect, Be Good and Toking–Up—Down Time Is Good Time

If you’re retired and doing very little or you’re bored or content doing nothing all day, this article isn’t for you. But if you’re busy, productive or running around all day, perhaps just to make it in life; this article may be up your alley. It’s about down-time. Break-time. Shutting-down … Continue Reading Continue reading

Confirmation Bias – The Archnemesis of Critical Thinking

We all develop opinions. We all have our biases. We all have things that we’re taught from the cradle about what’s truth in life. For some of us it’s a religion. For others it’s feminism. For some it’s misogyny. For many it’s family traditions. There are any number of things … Continue Reading Continue reading

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      At our self-defense school, the Mayfield Academy of Self-Defense, we not only train in hand to hand self-defense but quite often practice defenses against knives, guns and active shooting situations. Not cutesy unrealistic techniques that some schools have been known to teach but basic and realistic moves that are the ...
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      Many people believe that they’ll be safe going to bars into the wee hours of the morning. I'm having fun! After all, they’re not looking for trouble and things should be fine. Moreover, some people feel that they can go to demonstrations no matter what it’s about or who the ...
    • White Privilege, the Latest Distraction
      I was watching a video clip on Facebook where an African American woman was talking about white privilege. She was brow beating a white, Jewish male trying to get him to agree with what has taken off as the new buzz word regarding African Americans in America—white-privilege. The male tried ...
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      Your son looks so innocent when he pets your dog and looks into its eyes. The innocence and love you see brings a tear to your eye.   And those special times that he comes up to you to share some new excitement in his life and you notice that ...
    • Who Do You Trust? Who Do You Respect? Politics, Media and You
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      I was having a snack and watching TV when my 10 year old niece walked into the room and blurted out, “Wow! You ARE old. You’re watching black and white TV!” I glanced up at her and then back to the TV and exclaimed, “You’ve never watched Andy of Mayberry! ...
    • How to Have Great Talks and Presentations
      What makes for a good communicator, teacher or speech maker? While talking, personally, I’m never at a loss for words. I know some people who know me are probably shaking their heads a bit, saying, “You certainly can say that again Steve, because you certainly do talk a lot! I ...