The Hypocrisy in My Fellow Lefties Needs to Stop

electionwordassociationI suppose many would say I’m not a true-blue leftist, and they would be right…no pun intended. I have many views that are very liberal, and yet I maintain that we desperately need to stop being dependent on government for everything. In many ways I’m what was originally meant by the term ‘libertarian.’ I’m nothing like an Ayn Randian, however, so get that out of your head. In other words, I cannot be pigeon-holed, any more than most human beings really can. If we search our hearts we can usually see areas where we do not toe the party line. It’s something similar to organized religion in that way. Nobody agrees 100% with their chosen belief system, or with everyone who shares that belief system either.

What I’ve been seeing lately proves my point about pigeon-holing people with various political labels. There are a lot of people out there, calling themselves Liberals, who have turned into judgmental bigots. And I’m getting tired of it. More than that, I’m ashamed. One would think feminism is a basic cornerstone of liberalism, since it’s the belief that all genders are equal, and yet I constantly see body- and slut-shaming of the future First Lady. Constantly. Now, many people are using this strictly as a comparison with Republican treatment of Michelle Obama, and I understand the temptation. I truly do. However, by doing this these people are betraying the very ‘morality’ and ideology that liberalism is supposed to be based on. All people are supposed to be equal. Why are we shaming a woman for showing her body? Never mind the fact that it was her job, but how about the fact that it’s her right as a human being to do with her body as she sees fit? It’s her body!

The second issue that’s been driving me nuts has to do with the admitted corruption of the DNC during the primaries. They colluded (by their own verbal, public admission) with the Hillary Clinton campaign to keep Bernie Sanders from the spotlight in any way they could. Now, this interference is completely against their charter. They admitted to it. They did absolutely nothing to rectify the situation when it came to light. This was not a conspiracy theory. This was an actual conspiracy. Bernie Sanders was cheated during the primaries. I’m not even going to get into the suspicions about rigged voting and such. I’m simply talking about what the DNC actually admitted to, which forced Debbie Wasserman Schultz to resign.

Donna Brazile, the new leader, has her own shame to bear, too, refusing to apologize for giving debate questions to the HRC campaign. I mean, really? How is there any question that there was a conspiracy? Too many people think the word ‘conspiracy’ means some nut in a tinfoil hat who is raving about non-existent aliens, when in fact conspiracies exist and take place every single day. That’s what the RICO Act is for, after all. People conspire to commit crimes all the time. In Canada it’s simply called organized crime, but it’s the same thing.

My point about the DNC is this. The Liberals who were ‘with her’ are ranting and raving about election results, when they were already well aware of the Electoral College and what that could mean. That’s not a conspiracy. It’s stupid, perhaps, but it’s also public knowledge. It’s a first-past-the-post system, much like the kind we still have in Canada, despite Trudeau’s promise to abolish it if he was elected (and a year later he says it’s no longer important, of course). Again, stupid, but it’s written into law as part of the election system. Now, however, Liberals are crying about it and saying how unfair it is that HRC didn’t win, because she got the popular vote. Well, too bad. Unless you fight to change the system, it’s the system you’re legally bound to work within. Just like the legalized bribery you’ve got in the States…which comes in large part from the Supreme Court decision in Citizens United v. FEC. Until the system is changed, organizations like the NRA will still spend upwards of $3 million per year, lobbying to directly influence gun control legislation. Again, it’s public knowledge. Either do something to change it, or shut up about it.

However, what I’m seeing now are so-called Liberals claiming that the election wasn’t fair. They told Bernie Sanders’ supporters to get over it when the DNC publicly admitted to collusion with the HRC campaign, but now they’re complaining because they don’t think the Electoral College should count. (Never mind the fact that Liberals are much more on the side of having big government than those on the right. Well, guess what? This is big government. This is how it works, I’m sorry to say. It doesn’t have to work this way, but this is how it’s currently set up. If you don’t like it, organize to change it.)

The third issue that’s been baking my melon has to do with people who are angry with third-party voters. Look, you live in a country that was founded on the tenets of freedom. The freedom to vote for whomever you so choose is one of the most basic, and dearly-held, tenets. You like being able to vote? Well, you cannot then restrict others from voting. Women fought for the right to vote. People of colour fought for the right to vote. But now people are telling other people what to do with their votes, and they’re getting angry with people who chose to vote a different way than they did. Does that sound like a Liberal to you?

Let’s get something straight here. You cannot have your cake and eat it too. So stop. I believe in the basic Liberal values completely. I believe people who need a hand up should get one, so long as they’re willing to help themselves at the same time. I believe everyone should have the freedom to live their lives as they see fit, so long as they are not hurting anyone else while doing so. I believe people should always have more rights than a corporation. I believe all people are created equal. For that matter, I believe very firmly in animal rights, too. What I don’t believe in is hypocrisy. We’re all guilty of it at one point or another, because, let’s face it, we’re human beings. We need to be willing to perform some honest self-reflection, however, and see it for what it is.

Liberals are supposed to be about fairness. How can anyone ask for that with a straight face, if they’re not willing to offer it? If Liberals and Democrats can’t give Melania Trump bodily autonomy, or provide an unimpeded primary election, what gives them the right to complain about Hillary’s loss in the 2016 Presidential race? There wasn’t anything illegal about it. To the best of my knowledge, no one is claiming Trump didn’t get those electoral colleges legally. Hillary conceded without a fuss.

Admittedly, I was all for Bernie Sanders. I have a bias and I’m perfectly willing to be honest about it. I didn’t like either Trump or Clinton. I haven’t liked Clinton for more than 20 years, since the healthcare-reform debacle in 1993.  It’s a complicated issue, and her husband shares the blame, but there are some very serious allegations that she took money from the insurance companies to nix the deal. Allegations I happen to believe are true. Michael Moore talks about it in his film, Sicko, and though I don’t believe he’s perfect as a source I do think he’s worth listening to.

Trump is another issue entirely. I’m not sure he’s as crazy or bigoted as he’s portrayed himself to be, though I wholeheartedly condemn his actions toward women. To be fair, however, JFK was also a pig with women, and I’m sure many presidents were adulterous like that back in the day. In the week since the election, though, Trump has gone back on pretty much all of his most controversial and heartless campaign promises. So, who knows? He might not turn out to be all that bad as POTUS. Granted, I still think he’s going to rob the Treasury blind, because he’s a swindler and that’s what swindlers do. He already robbed the taxpayers when he declared bankruptcy numerous times, and the banks certainly didn’t pay for those losses. Trump knows how to be a winner, by making everyone around him lose, and I don’t think that will change when he’s inaugurated.

Do I think Bernie would have made a great POTUS? I sure do. I also noted that half the people who could have voted did not. If you’re a Liberal who’s wondering why, here’s a clue: many of those people were Dems who felt like they were slapped in the face without reparation, by the actions of the DNC. So, they stayed home. Neither of the major candidates were people they wanted in the White House, and they honestly didn’t feel HRC was any better than Trump. I don’t blame them. If there had been just a little bit of shamefaced behaviour from the HRC campaign, they might have been able to swallow the bitter pill and vote for her. Instead her campaign just happily traipsed along assuming they would fall in line. They did not. Because people do not like being lied to, and made fools of. Liberals tout themselves as the honourable half of the political equation. It’s all about fairness. Well, now everyone sees the Democratic party as nothing more than crooks. They look exactly like Republicans to those who thought for a while that they would have a voice in these elections. Nothing more than typical politicians.

I’ll further my honesty by saying that a very large part of the world is now terrified. We’re worried sick about our American friends who may be further oppressed by the decisions of the incoming President, and we’re worried that he really is crazy and he’s the one who will have the nuclear codes. To most sane people, these are very scary things. We were also very worried about what would happen if Clinton became POTUS. She’s known as a warmonger in many ways. And she was beholden to her campaign contributors. Believe me, that’s no small thing in her case.

I won’t even attempt to predict what will happen in the United States after this debacle. I can’t read Trump’s mind to see if he’s really as crazy or as stupid as he appeared to be during his campaign. It’s been made very clear that he does not understand the political structure he will now be responsible for managing, and that he’s going to need on-the-job training from Obama, so things look bleak. Still, there’s always the bright side. If people hate him he won’t last very long as President. And it might be just what citizens of the US need to get them up off their collective butts to organize and resist the current system. Maybe the right changes will be brought about because of Trump’s win. That’s the hope I’m clinging to for the time being, because there seems little else to believe in these days. Not even the honesty and decency of fellow Liberals.

Rain Stickland
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Rain Stickland

Rain Stickland is a Canadian writer and producer, who is overly fond of ferrets and other furry creatures.
Rain Stickland
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Rain Stickland

About Rain Stickland

Rain Stickland is a Canadian writer and producer, who is overly fond of ferrets and other furry creatures.
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3 Responses to The Hypocrisy in My Fellow Lefties Needs to Stop

  1. Steve KovacsSteve Kovacs says:

    Courageous article. Many will be angry with you. Some behind your back, and some, I’m guessing, to your face. The only area that I wish to comment on this article is the cornerstone of your piece, which I believe is, as you write, “There are a lot of people out there, calling themselves Liberals, who have turned into judgmental bigots.” Interesting area for you to broach as I’m guessing you consider yourself more of a ‘lefty’ than a ‘righty’ and many people who read you might be considered as having similar views. So, for you to talk about what may be a sore subject for many who read your work, I offer my respect to you.

    I’d like to start my comment out by saying that I have always disliked being pigeon-holed in almost anything that I have done or been a part of. As an example, I was a cop for over 20 years and I didn’t like it when someone said that I was a cop. Let me try to explain this a bit better. When people simply would say to me, oh, you’re a cop or someone would say, yeah, he’s a cop, is what I didn’t like. It’s not that I didn’t like police work. On the contrary, I loved police work. Loved it all up one side and down the other and I had pride and respect in the police work that I did. But I wasn’t a cop. I was a human being doing police work. There is a difference. Some people love being labeled. Some cops love it too. But I always had an issue with it because as the famous philosopher Soren Kierkegaard said, “Once you label me, you negate me.” This is completely true. Negate basically means to nullify or to make ineffective. So, when I’m labeled or I label myself as a cop. That’s it. My views are all as a cop, unconsciously perhaps, but I can’t think out of the cop box, all my views stem from being a cop etc.

    You talk about liberals here. Many people are labeled liberals, many love being labeled liberal and many love labeling themselves liberal. Try saying that three times fast! But seriously, I don’t have a problem with any of that other than those who love the label and those who pop their chest out saying that indeed, yes, I am a liberal and I pretty much want a stamp on my forehead saying that I am, because . . . that is me. That is their core. Being liberal. Not being a fluid human being but a liberal with what liberal supposedly means. Now, do you think when one feels that way they are really open to conservative views, or even moderate views, or perhaps better put, views that aren’t ‘liberal’? Of course this holds true for conservatives as well, and cops too.

    The only reason I bring up labeling is because to be completely mired in one way of thinking can and often does draw battle lines with those with other views. There is nothing wrong with being proud of one’s liberal views and the very good hopes and dreams of what liberal thinking started off as being, but it has gone much farther than that for so many people.

    Which again brings me to what you say in the beginning of your article when you indicate that a recent change has occurred to liberals. You write, “There are a lot of people out there, calling themselves Liberals, who have turned into judgmental bigots.” Respectfully, do you think that just happened now, in this election cycle? It has been going on for years. Judgmental about gun owners, people who don’t agree on abortion, those who strive for self-reliance and those who like to say what’s on their mind and not try to say it in the fashion of what now is called political correctness. Many liberals call these people dunces, uneducated, mean, cold, and stupid. Up until losing to Trump in this 2016 election, most of it was behind their backs. Now it’s out in the open.

    And here’s the rub. Many people have been getting fed up with this judgmental bigotry for quite a while now. Now, moderates have joined in against the judgmental bigotry where heretofore, they let it pass.

    You mention that maybe with Trump being elected, it may stir a foundational change away from the status quo. Perhaps. The ways of snobbery, dishonesty in our political organizations, dishonesty and incompetence of our politicians and the fear of thinking for ourselves had to change.

    I wrote an article at the beginning of this election cycle that most people scoffed at. I said Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump represented basically the same for the people of America. They were talking about complete fundamental change in America. And the people loved it. America wants deep change from the status quo. How in the world do you think that Trump won after all the crazy crap that he said and all the wild stuff that was revealed about him? Yes, as you wisely point out, he is a ‘winner’ and finds ways to win and that includes going after the electoral votes which is what he needed to win, but the main reason he won was that Americans are sick and tired of what is going on in their country and they risked an unknown loose cannon over an established establishment candidate.

    I hope people learn from this. We’re one America. You’re no better than me, I’m no better than you or the next guy or the next woman who might think differently. You actually have to believe that instead of just acting like you do.

    Great article, as usual, Rain Stickland.

  2. Pat says:

    Hi Rain, Great thoughts! I would love to go line by line and comment to offer a different viewpoint but am limited. I would like to make a few points though (1) Women in this country will never be “equal” until the Equal Rights Amendment is passed. (2) We are a country that is supposedly filled with “Christians”, yet too many of us believe accusations without knowing the facts and don’t want to be bothered spending the time to find the truth. The worse the accusation, the more likely it is to be believed by American voters. (3) I’m sure we would be hard pressed to find a politician in this country, that would be exempt from criticism if his/her private e-mails were made public. I can speak for myself and believe me if my private e-mails were made public, I’d have more than one embarrassing moment ahead of me. When you’re talking to friends and/or associates in e-mails you have a tendency to write things you wouldn’t necessarily say to someone’s face. I think of myself as a very private person so I have a really difficult time being critical of anyone’s e-mails that were basically stolen from a private computer system. Where is the outrage for the folks that stole the material and publicized? (4) Unless I’m mistaken Donna Brazile provided former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton with one of the questions that would be asked during one of the debates. Is it really possible to believe that President-elect Donald Trumps people wouldn’t have provided the same information if it was available and/or Senator Sanders people? When you are running for the highest office in the land, in this country, you use what is available to secure the office. I guess my other comment on this one is what makes anyone think this question hadn’t already been vetted by Clinton’s debate team? (5) I also like Senator Sanders very much but there are several things to remember – Sanders was never vetted by the media (and/or anyone else) due to the fact he was never taken as a serious contender for the position of POTUS. Believe me, he has his own skeletons in his closet. Senator Sanders policies were viewed very carefully by many, and they simply were not achievable. (6) Last but certainly not least, I am terrified at the thought of President-elect Trump taking over the White House for one reason alone, with Republicans in control of both the U.S. House and U.S. Senate there are no real checks and balances in place. It appears there is no one that really knows what President-elect Trump may do, once he is sworn in as President, but something you wrote is troubling. You wrote that if the American people aren’t happy with him, we could get rid of him. How? The Republican-controlled U.S. House would write up articles of impeachment, should that be necessary; but that’s not going to happen since they are also in control of all investigations. Say for the sake of argument it did happen, then the Republican-controlled U.S. Senate would vote on the “Articles” and it’s pretty unlikely he would be found guilty. Exactly the same composition as when President Clinton was impeached, the only difference being he was a Democrat so was automatically “Guilty”. The fact P-e Trump is a Republican basically means allegations would probably never be thoroughly investigated so impeachment wouldn’t be a solution. I suppose he could voluntarily resign, but I don’t foresee him giving up the “power”. So that leaves assassination, which also seems far-fetched. In addition to Secret Service, I suspect he’ll continue to maintain his own security force. Pat Johnson
    p.s. I still haven’t found my sign-in information which is why I’m not signing in. It’s around here ‘somewhere’. Also, if you dispute anything I say Rain, I won’t be able to comment further so be gentle 🙂

  3. Marlin says:

    Ever wonder if the Republican corporatists out-bought the Democratic corporatists? By that I mean that voting machines could have been tipped for The Donald without him even needing know it. If they did, and the Clinton Crony Coalition knew it, what could they do about it after the whole world knew that the Democrats stole the nomination for their queen-to-be?

    We have to keep our hope into Bernie and true progress like Nina Turner, Keith Ellison and Tulsi Gabbard. True Berniecrats never lost hope. We refused to facilitate the coronation and waited for Bernie to be released from the queen’s court.

    I believe that, in 2018, we’ll witness the biggest midterm upset in the history of the country. Meanwhile, it’s going to be an ugly two years. When a government is so corrupt that the Senate refuses to review the President’s SCOTUS nomination, we’ve got long row to hoe through some nasty shit.

    The greedy corporatists have outdone themselves when they’ve turned our millennials into basement dwellers. When our young people have little or no means they’ll have time to swarm into into Washington DC to demand fair change.

    Bernie Sanders will be there. I can see him standing beside the Senate majority leader saying, “Hey Mitch! Look out your window.”

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