Giant Explosions of Methane in Russia – Bet the Climatologists Didn’t See That Coming!

FactoryWhen we think about global warming, most of us don’t connect it with explosions. Suddenly we’re getting giant craters being opened up because permafrost is thawing in Russia – football field-sized craters. In all your imaginings about global warming, did it ever once occur to you that it might include dodging sudden explosions? No? Didn’t think so. It certainly never popped up in my head, but then I’m not a geologist or a climatologist. All I can say with respect to that is that I hope to hell they’re mapping the pockets of gas that could suddenly blow, so maybe we can avoid building our homes and schools there. Let me say one thing, loud and clear, though:

“If you ‘don’t believe in global warming,’ you’re freakin’ idiot.”

Hopefully I’ve stated my position clearly and concisely. The fact is, according to NASA and 18 scientific associations, 97% of scientists throughout the world are telling you, flat out, that we’re in the midst of a major ecological disaster in the making, and they’re saying that we’re the ones who are responsible for making it happen. Come on! Do you really think NASA is lying to everyone for absolutely no reason? If your doctor told you he was 97% sure your tumour was malignant, what would you do? Sure, you might get a second or third opinion. If you got 100 opinions, and 97 of those doctors said you needed surgery and chemo, or you were going to be dead in a year, can you honestly say you would NOT believe it? Sure, there are a few people out there promoting junk science, and telling people what they want to hear. They’ll tell you that your cancer can be cured by acupuncture, or monkey urine injected into your heart, just so you spend all kinds of money on pie-in-the-sky procedures.

That’s the same kind of person who’s telling you ‘climate change’ is a hoax. They’re saying that because they’re selling you something!! Don’t you get that? They’re selling you on the idea that their companies aren’t polluting the environment, so they can keep making money off the industry they’re involved in. Koch Industries is a good example. What about Halliburton? Dick Cheney wouldn’t happen to have a proprietary interest in keeping the EPA out of his company would he? His company is exempt from releasing information to the public. They just had a big chemical spill in Ohio, and the people affected weren’t even told how they were poisoned! Because ‘fracking is good for you,’ right? Never mind that Exxon CEO, Rex Tillerson, is part of a lawsuit to ban fracking near his home. Go figure.

There are things they’ve been telling us about what to expect in the near future. Things like decreases in exposed land mass because of the rising sea level – because the ice caps are melting. The West Antarctica ice sheet has started to fall apart, according to NASA, and two separate reports filed on the issue recently. I’ve found sites, such as this one, that ‘refute’ this claim, and also supposedly ‘refute’ the cause at the same time. Now, tell me this: If there is no issue, why would you have to refute the cause of the issue? No issue would mean there’s no cause of one. That’s the logic of climate deniers, though. One part says it’s an issue that won’t affect us for thousands of years, and it will cause a 4-meter rise in sea level, and another part is saying it will be a 2-foot rise. I’m confused. Oh, and the cause is a volcano under the ice, not us humans that are doing everything in our power to destroy our planet by letting fossil fuel companies get away with their underhanded tactics.

Other things we can apparently expect are dust-bowl droughts, very high food prices and/or food shortages (no surprise with the droughts), extremely high temperatures, etc. The one thing I had never seen written about, until it started happening, was the possibility of methane gas explosions. Now, picture yourself living in this new environment we have waiting for us. We all feel like we’re smothering from the heat, every once in a while an area of permafrost melts and these giant craters are formed when the methane explodes, we’re struggling to feed ourselves, and you can be sure we’ll have those apocalyptic soothsayers our there – only they won’t be the way we picture them. No, we’ll have televangelists on TV – and believe me, every single one of them will be getting into the act then – screaming out of our ultra HD television sets about how global warming was caused by gay marriage, and the only way to protect yourself will be to send them lots of money…and if you’re up for the task, you can ‘help the cause’ by getting on the anti-gay bandwagon. Then ‘God’ will forgive us all, especially the chosen of America, and the planet will miraculously cool itself.

Look, I’ve read the bible, too. I know the story of Noah and his ark, and how God promised he would never do it again. There is nothing in the bible that says he won’t let us do it all by ourselves. You know, free will and all that? If you believe in all the religious stuff, it’s very clear in the bible that we were given free will. I’ve said it before to the religious folks, and I’ll probably say it again after this: God helps those who help themselves. Are you helping yourself?

Rain Stickland
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Rain Stickland

Rain Stickland is a Canadian writer and producer, who is overly fond of ferrets and other furry creatures.
Rain Stickland
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Rain Stickland

About Rain Stickland

Rain Stickland is a Canadian writer and producer, who is overly fond of ferrets and other furry creatures.
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2 Responses to Giant Explosions of Methane in Russia – Bet the Climatologists Didn’t See That Coming!

  1. Steve KovacsSteve Kovacs. says:

    I believe in global climate change. My woodland yard in Ohio has become a tropical forest in the last five years and it’s plain for me to see it is occurring.

    However the 97% you mention, I’m not so sure they all feel it’s man made, some I think, feel its cyclical. I was at a presentation several years ago with three respected meteorologists who all felt it was cyclical.

    Cheney and Ohio and authorities not telling us we’ve been poisoned; I don’t buy it. Who is “they” not telling us? The governor–Cheney, nah. Cops? Nah. Cheney is a whipping child but to think a man on deaths doorstep wants money, money and more money or power at the expense of everyone is off the mark. I’m surprised you believe that line about him but it has been around for ages. I’m not saying I like him but he’s more than a devil.

    There is plenty of non caring businessman and the Kochs may be scoundrels. More reason the media should be straight shooters.

    As for crazy evangelists; yeah, those nuts are everywhere.

    Thanks for losening up and letting if hang out on this piece. We need straight shooters more so than sheep but I wholeheartedly believe different sides and viewpoints have value and our information should be gathered from all sides.

    • The 97% statistics comes from NASA, and the source is linked in the article. It may be hard to believe any group can agree so wholeheartedly, and there are many groups out there that would have you believe there’s dissension and disagreement there, but there really isn’t.

      As for “they,” I refer to Halliburton, which is protected under the legislated enacted in 2005 regarding hydraulic fracturing, or ‘fracking’ as most people call it these days. The Energy Policy Act very specifically does not list these companies. You can find further detail within the Wikipedia article on Exemptions for Hydraulic Fracturing. I’m afraid your governor and the population of Ohio, have very little to say on the matter, and that’s a shame. In addition, human apathy has a tendency to keep people sitting on their sofas rather than rioting in the streets when their own human rights are being stripped away by the politicians they trust with their lives.

      You’re right that we need information from both side, which is one reason I included the piece from the site with a dissenting opinion. Of course, I also pointed out what I believe are the flaws in the argument presented within the piece.

      Thanks for the comment. You know I rely on you, and my readers, to keep me as much of a straight-shooter as possible. That’s important to my integrity.

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