Republicans at Work – NOT Taking Care of Business

By Patricia L Johnson and Richard E Walrath

Following is an excerpt from a letter written February 7, 2014 to John A. Boehner, Speaker of the House from Department of Treasury Secretary, Jacob J. Lew.

“As you know, the Continuing Appropriations Act, 2014 temporarily suspended the statutory debt limit through today, February 7, 2014. Because Congress has not acted to approve normal borrowing authority, Treasury must begin implementing extraordinary measures that enable us, on a temporary basis, to protect the full faith and credit of the United States and to continue paying the nation’s bills.”.

The reason the paragraph began ‘as you know’ is due to the fact numerous communications have been sent by the Treasury Secretary to the Speaker of the House during the months preceding February 7, 2014 regarding the February 7, 2014 suspension date, yet our ‘do nothing Republican-controlled U.S. House of Representatives’ has once again done what they do best, which is NOTHING.

What is the debt ceiling and why does it matter whether or not it’s raised?

The definition from Treasury follows:

“The debt limit is the total amount of money that the United States government is authorized to borrow to meet its existing legal obligations, including Social Security and Medicare benefits, military salaries, interest on the national debt, tax refunds, and other payments. The debt limit does not authorize new spending commitments. It simply allows the government to finance existing legal obligations that Congresses and presidents of both parties have made in the past.”

U.S. Debt as of February 6, 2014 follows:

To put it bluntly, the only thing our do nothing Congress would be doing is approving payment of obligations that have already been approved. It’s a no brainer on their part. There is nothing to think about, the debt limit must be raised because the U.S. has to cover its obligations. It is not a complicated issue, yet they attempt to make it one whenever they have the opportunity.

According to Reuters “House Majority Leader Eric Cantor on Friday left a spot open in his weekly House floor schedule for “possible consideration of the legislation related to the debt limit” on Wednesday.

Possible consideration”? What is wrong with these people?

We still haven’t recovered from Republicans playing games with the debt ceiling. On August 5, 2011 Standard and Poor’s lowered the long term credit rating of the United States one notch from AAA to AA+. On June 10, 2013 S&P revised their long-term rating from negative to stable, but did not increase the reduced sovereign credit rating. It remains at AA+.

Since 1960 the debt ceiling in this country has been raised a total of 78 times, 49 times under Republican administrations and 29 times under Democratic administrations. Why does it become such a major issue for this administration?

President Obama is well past the stage of crying “uncle” when the Republicans make absurd demands in order to do their job. It’s time for Republicans in Congress to get over the fact there is a black man sitting in the oval office and do the job they were hired by the voters to do and that is to get this country moving in the right direction, not see how many obstacles they can put in place on our path to progress.

© 2014 Patricia L Johnson and Richard E Walrath

Patricia Johnson

Patricia Johnson

Patricia L Johnson is a former special assignment writer/photographer and co-owner of the Articles and Answers News and Information sites.
Patricia Johnson
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5 Responses to Republicans at Work – NOT Taking Care of Business

  1. Len Azzarone says:

    I read your continued dribble on these pages condemning Republicans and touting Democrats as God’s gift to humanity with continued weekly amusement. Like the progressive bleeding-heart liberals you worship, you continually fail to see another side of any issue. You can only see your side and anyone with a different way of looking at it is just an obstacle in the your “path to progress”.
    What you fail to mention is that the majority of people in this Country do not see a ‘path to progress’ with this present administration. 64% of the American people see a decline in the American way of living. And the more important way of speaking about raising or not raising the debt limit simply is NOT whether it should be raised or not. The more important issue is why. Almost all administrations have raised the debt limit at one time or another. But no other administration and spent any where near the amount of money as this administration and still has nothing to show for it. Do as you and your progressive’s want and print all the money your reservoir of ink will allow, give it all to the Americans on unemployment for the next 10 years if you’d like. Let the diminishing numbers of workingmen and women of this Country pay for the healthcare of all who don’t know the meaning of a days work. Force contraceptives on everyone whether they want it, need it, or their religion allows it. Don’t stop at 18 TRILLION DOLLARS when the sky’s the limit. Just bash and bash again the Republicans who want to do things differently. They are not right all the time either and are known to spend like a homeless woman with Paris Hilton’s MasterCard. But our Constitutional ‘check and balance’ has tilted dangerously far to one side of the scale. The Republicans can’t really throw a monkey wrench in anything when they hold only one-third of the power. The only one left to blame is the two-thirds majority. The ideology differences between Democrats and Republicans are so diametrically opposed that it will take Statesmen, real honest to goodness Statesmen, from both sides of the isle, to suck it up, see past what they personally believe is best for this Country, and put back the UNITED in the United States.

    Unfortunately for you your last paragraph is the most telling about the divisiveness of your party. I quote: “It’s time for Republicans in Congress to get over the fact there is a black man sitting in the oval office and do the job they were hired by the voters to do and that is to get this country moving in the right direction, not see how many obstacles they can put in place on our path to progress. You will play the Race Card at any cost. It was just fine for Democrats to loath George W. Bush because they did not like the way he ran this Country but if someone doesn’t agree with His Highness Barack Obama then it is proof positive they hate black men? How utterly insulting and bigoted are you and your kind! Only a prejudice person sees prejudice when there is none to be found. It’s a lame talking point and a window into the small minds that think it.

    Watch MSNBC for 2 hours then watch FOX News for two hours. Then you tell me who does all the screaming and spewing hatred. You and your party have no choice but to fall off that high pedestal you put yourself on, slam your head on the floor, and knock some sense into that closed minded, prejudicial, bigoted mind of yours. It’s NOT about a Black Man, and it’s certainly NOT about you. It’s all about the American Way and whether we are losing our way or not.

  2. Patricia JohnsonPatricia Johnson says:


    I always see both sides of an issue, but facts are facts. Republicans caused a decline in our S&P rating and it’s that simple. In the meanwhile, they have done nothing to get our rating upgraded.

    You didn’t mention where your 64% figure came from, but I certainly believe there are at least that many Americans that see a decline in the American way of life. Why wouldn’t they? Things have gone completely downhill since Republicans have had control of the purse strings.

    You make the statement that no other administration has spent anywhere near the amount of money this administration has, but you fail to question why. I’ll tell you why. When President Bush went into office in 2001 the U.S. budget was $1.86 trillion dollars. When he left office the budget had been raised to $3.51 trillion dollars, or a budget increase of $1.65 trillion each fiscal year. In other words, the U.S. budget was nearly doubled under Republicans.

    At the same time the budget was nearly doubled, taxes were lowered significantly. There were a minimum of 80 different areas where taxes were cut during the eight years Bush was in office.

    Unless you are a very wealthy individual, more than likely you are not even aware of any of these tax benefits.

    However, it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out that if you are spending almost twice as much as you have in the past, and you are taking in considerably less in taxes, you are going to break the bank.

    How much of the current debt is due to programs put in place by President Obama v. prior legislation put in place during the Bush years? Do you even have a clue? Do you even know that out of the $1.4 trillion that was added to the national debt during the first year that President Obama was in office over $900,000 was due to legislation put in place during the Bush years?

    If you don’t know, why is it that you don’t know?

    I’ll be glad to address any issue you have Len, but there is absolutely no reason for you to be so nasty. What I’ve learned in the past is people become nasty when they are unable to come up with a reasonable argument to the facts.

    Have a nice evening,


    • Len Azzarone says:

      A classic spin: “What I’ve learned in the past is people become nasty when they are unable to come up with a reasonable argument to the facts.” I expected no less from a liberal. As far as ‘nasty’, when you deal your infamous racecard YOU are the one who is vial and nasty. Your comment was vulgar, unwarranted, and totally uncalled for. I may have inadvertently insulted you but you ignorantly insulted millions.

  3. Patricia JohnsonPatricia Johnson says:

    Again, all I speak is the truth. You were unable to come up with a legitimate argument to the fact the Republicans, all on their own, lowered the S&P rating for the United States of America from AAA to AA+ and have done absolutely nothing in the past two years in an attempt to raise the rating.

    I’ll let other readers be the judge of which of us is vial, nasty and vulgar.

    In my original response to your comment, I erroneously wrote $900,000 that number should read $900 billion, $903 billion dollars of the $1.4 trillion 2009 deficit was due to legislation put in place under the Bush administration.

    Thanks to you, I am now in the process of writing an in-depth article on the deficit of each and every year of the Obama Administration and the real cause of the various deficits . I’m sure you’ll find it a very interesting read.

    BTW, I believe the word you wanted to use in your very first sentence was ‘drivel’, not dribble.

    As always, have a very pleasant day and thank you so much for the story ideas.


    • Len Azzarone says:

      My God Patricia, you ever come up for air? And no . . Dribble was the word, the nonsense that comes out of your mouth and drips onto your keyboard. Write your article; recite all the stats you’d like, while totally ignoring my reason for disgust. It is the only CYA you have. End of comments, end of story.

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