What is Senator Rand Paul’s Problem?

By Patricia L Johnson

Since when does being a junior Senator give someone a license to be callous and uncaring in addition to distorting the truth?

Senator Randal Howard [Rand] Paul (R-KY), and a member of the Tea Party movement, has only been a member of the United States Senate since January 3, 2011, which means he has only served ½ of his six-year term, yet most of us already recognize his name.  Why is that?

Perhaps it is due to the fact he gets his name in the news on a regular basis with controversial subjects.  A prime example is his January 26, 2014 interview on Meet the Press where he stated the following about former President William J. Clinton

“ >> you know, i mean the democrats, one of their big issues is they’ve concocted and said republicans are committing a war on women. one of the workplace laws and rules that i think are good is that bosses shouldn’t prey on young interns in their office. and i think really the media seems to have given president clinton a pass on this. he took advantage of a girl that was 20 years old and an intern in his office. there is no excuse force that. and that is predatory behavior and it should had something we shouldn’t want to associate with people who would take advantage of a young girl in his office…”  Source:  NBC Transcript

The media lit up like a Christmas tree after his comments, which were totally uncalled for.  Senator Rand was being asked about the Republican’s ‘war on women’ and he chose to respond with erroneous data about an incident that occurred almost 20 years ago.

  • First he claims the media gave President Clinton a pass – it’s obvious he wasn’t residing on Planet Earth during the Lewinsky affair.
  • Next, he claims President Clinton took advantage of a 20-year old and an intern in his office.  Monica Lewinsky was not 20 years old, she was 21 years old when she first began working at the White House and she was not an intern during the affair.  She was an intern from July 1995 to November 13, 1995 when she accepted a paid position in the White House Office of Legislative Affairs.   Their first sexually related encounter took place on November 15, 1995, after Lewinsky had accepted the paid position.
  • Last, he claims President Clinton was guilty of predatory behavior.  I’ll let you be the judge on that one.

The November 15, 1995 evening began with Monica Lewinsky showing President Clinton the straps of her thong underwear and ended with her giving him oral sex while he was trying to talk on the phone to a Member of Congress.  Who is guilty?

This was not the first affair Lewinsky began with a married man, at the same time she was having an affair with the President she was also involved in an affair with her former high school drama teacher that began in 1992 and ended in 1997.

It is more than obvious Senator Rand Paul has never read, the Independent Counsel Report on the subject, and therefore knows very little about what actually took place between Monica Lewinski and President Clinton.

If he did he would sweep the entire incident under the rug due to the fact that, at this point in time, it has to be far more embarrassing to Ms. Lewinski than it could ever be to the former President.  All the letters Lewinski wrote the President, all the gifts she purchased for him, and all the sleazy encounters are documented and available to the public.  If Senator Paul was really interested in knowing facts he should try ‘reading’ the facts that are available.

There is no excuse for the actions of our former President regarding the situation with Ms. Lewinsky, other than he is a normal man.  Unfortunately, try as they might, the majority of men just simply are not able to resist the temptation when an attractive young woman throws herself at them.

The Lewinsky affair is not much different than the majority of other affairs that have taken place during the centuries.   The major difference in this instance is President Clinton got caught, he lied under oath when asked about the affair (what married man wouldn’t?) and the U.S. House of Representatives which is the area where articles of impeachment begin, was controlled by Republicans.

Of the four charges filed against the President, Clinton was impeached on two of the charges (perjury) and (obstruction of justice) but the other two even failed to pass the House. He was eventually acquitted by the Senate with five Republican Senators also voting for acquittal.  President Clinton went on to regain the respect of the majority in the U.S., as well as billions around the world with the Clinton Foundation.

No matter how you mix the tea leaves, the fact remains the Republicans have an ongoing war against women and bringing up an incident from almost 20 years ago isn’t going to change that fact.

© 2014 Patricia L Johnson

Patricia Johnson

Patricia Johnson

Patricia L Johnson is a former special assignment writer/photographer and co-owner of the Articles and Answers News and Information sites.
Patricia Johnson
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4 Responses to What is Senator Rand Paul’s Problem?

  1. Steve KovacsSteve Kovacs says:

    I was hoping for some big change when Paul came on the scene. I’m quite disappointed in what he appears to be as a politician. He has no chance to win the presidency. As for Clinton… he knew how to negotiate and give and take but when he looked me personally in my eye and lied to me, several times–that did it. It wasn’t a man thing there it was much much more. It was my leader…looking me squarely in my eye–and stopping in his presentation just enough to convey his complete honesty to me and lied right to me–he rightfully lost it all there. However, he redeemed himself as tragedy can do that to people. He became a great ex-president, however, in my view he’s getting to be an arrogant big mouth or kinda like his nick name used to be, “Slick Willy, again–power corrupts etc–as I say, “Success is harder to deal with than failure.”

  2. Patricia JohnsonPatricia Johnson says:

    The one thing that I really have a problem with in life is people that intentionally distort the truth and for that reason I have absolutely no use for Rand Paul based on what he did. As far as I’m concerned he should have been tossed out of the Senate for the following action:
    As far as Clinton – that is such a tough call. The Republicans had been after the Clinton’s from the time he became Governor of Arkansas and just would not quit with the nonsense. The money the Republican Party has cost taxpayers in this country on various unsubstantiated investigations is just absurd. Clinton had absolutely no business messing around with Lewinsky, but he is not the first President to have an affair while in office (and he probably won’t be the last). I can’t think of his name offhand, but the Speaker of the House (at the time) was having an affair and doing something else that he was found guilty of while he’s preparing the article of impeachment on Clinton. If he wasn’t so hated by the Republican Party, impeachment wouldn’t have never happened before there wouldn’t have been millions of bucks spent looking for the tiniest needle in a haystack. When you look at the economy under the various presidents, it doesn’t get any better than it was under Clinton. He was an excellent president in that respect. There were 23.1 million jobs created under his watch, compared to a measly 3.0 million under the Republican that followed him. Clinton created more jobs during his 8 years in office than the prior 10 presidents combined created from Harry Truman through George W. Bush. Unemployment was low under Clinton, we weren’t at war with anyone. We had budget surpluses under him for three years running, something that hadn’t happened in decades. Debt as a percentage of GDP was reduced 9.7 percent under his watch. There simply aren’t enough good things to say about his presidency.
    Are you married? I’m willing to bet that 95% of husbands in the same situation would LIE about having an affair. If they were married to Hillary Clinton I’m willing to bet the percentage would be up to 99.9 percent 🙂 He doesn’t strike me as being arrogant or a big mouth when he speaks and I seriously doubt Barbara Bush would be gushing over him if that was the case. Did you happen to hear her talk about Clinton? If you have a particular incident in mind I’ll be glad to take a second look.

    Thanks for the read and the comments Steve. Have a good day,


  3. Steve KovacsSteve Kovacs says:

    Paul, is finished. He is just wasting people’s money if he runs for the presidency.

    You say you can’t stand distortion of the truth but yet if it has to do with sex…it’s apparently okay, cause guys will be guys???? Beam me up Scotty!

    With all respect, and I sincerely do mean that–I do not care how Barbara Bush spoke of Clinton or how others may have spoke of him for that matter. I believe my eyes and perceptions and I do not need people like Bush telling me how people or things are. However, as a side note, Barbara Bush is a hard-nosed and somewhat of a loud mouth in many people’s eyes.

    As for Clinton–he is extremely charming and can be the nicest guy around. He became the nicest guy for years after being embarrassed by the sex scandal and in my view has gone back much to being perhaps untrustworthy or a “slick individual” as he was thought of for years and even called Slick Willy, even by some members (even supporters) in his own party.

    As for asking if I’m married indicating I would lie…and saying most married men would lie about an affair, I can’t believe you or other people actually say that about what he did. It is such a partisan answer and seemingly such an unconscious way to justify the level of his personal lie. That’s hiding and burying things in the sand. Clinton was not an average man. You give that up when you become president. He was the leader of America and also the free world and when someone lies to his degree with such direct passion–you know he’s a liar. For anyone to not see that is telling that their partisanship is clouding that huge individual shortfall of Clinton.

    As for instances; many speeches in the last several years–tearing apart Republicans in a no holds barred and mean tone slightly starting at the Democratic convention to numerous talks from there. Where he went from being a middle of the road person who did not call people liars (even while completely disagreeing with them) too a mean spirited ride em cowboy tear em up no matter what it takes style. He’s changed in the last several years.

    Clinton can be and was a good leader cause he adapts. Adapting is the key to survival and making it. He’s great at getting things done and can work with anyone to accomplish things. He can use his adapting, charm and one on one abilities to get things completed or to get people to work with him–he did pretty good with Monica too…that poor moral nice girl–just kidding……….just had to throw her in here somewhere!

    Thanks for the chat…until the next time, Pat.

  4. Patricia JohnsonPatricia Johnson says:


    The only reason I brought up Barbara Bush is because she was so critical of the Clinton and has now has a change of heart. As far as actually caring what she thinks, I don’t and I agree she can be ‘hard-nosed and somewhat of a loud mouth’.

    Agree on Clinton “he is extremely charming and can be the nicest guy around”. It would be interesting to know the background on the term ‘slick willy’.

    One point I was attempting to make about being married is if someone is so lax in morals that they would have an extra-marital affair, more than likely they are going to lie about it – especially someone in public office and I think the record speaks for itself on that one.

    The other point I was attempting to make is the fact there never should have been an investigation of the magnitude there was, which is what created the situation where Clinton found it necessary to lie under oath about the affair (s). Extra-marital affairs have gone on since the beginning of time and in the eyes of the majority of voters, it is no big deal – on a comparative basis. Think back to what happened after Republicans wasted millions of tax payer dollars on ‘sex’ investigations on Clinton – Republicans lost a combined 5 seats House and Senate.

    I do not think I gave the impression I was condoning Clinton’s lies, in fact more than once I believe I said he was wrong. He was the leader of the free world and should have conducted himself accordingly, but the affair should never have been brought out in public the way it was.

    The name I could not recall yesterday that was Speaker of the House was Newt Gingrich. This guy was hot to trot to get Clinton out of office, all while he was doing the very same thing. While he was married to his first wife, Jackie, he was running around with Marianne. He asked Jackie for a divorce while she was lying in the hospital recuperating from cancer surgery. When he married his second wife Marianne, he was having an affair with Callista, a staffer in the U.S. House and 21 years his junior (his current wife).

    Gingrich did the same exact thing Clinton did – he LIED to the ethics committee and he was basically guilty of obstruction of justice by intentionally providing inaccurate information to the investigators, not about a moral issue (extra marital affair), but an ethics violation.

    It was the first time in the history of the country that a Speaker of the House had been found guilty of ethics violations (by a House vote of 395 – 28). You can see by the vote the seriousness of the charges – the House was controlled by Republicans yet the Republicans even found him guilty.

    He was fined $300,000 to cover part of the investigation costs, so if that investigation cost $300,000 and was kept pretty quiet, can you imagine what the Clinton investigation cost? I did an article on it at one time, but I don’t recall the final numbers.

    The ONLY reason I brought up Newt Gingrich is because he was asked what the ‘dumbest thing he ever did in his life was’ and his response was sit next to Nancy Pelosi on the sofa for TV ad on climate change. Duh!

    At least our former President acknowledged his shortcomings 🙂

    Steve, in all due respect, I truly do not think the mean tone you suggest originated with the Democrats. Republicans have been totally unbelievable in their attacks on President Obama and if I recall correctly former President Clinton’s speech at the Democratic convention was simply in response.

    Actually I looked it up and the Republican Convention was held first in August of 2012, while the Democrats held their convention in September of 2012.

    Paul Ryan


    Mitt Romney




    President Clinton merely responded to some of the misleading allegations made by nominees for President, Mitt Romney and V.P, Paul Ryan. I did not read all three transcripts, just bits and pieces, but I don’t get the impression that Clinton’s tone was mean in any way. As far as I can determine he was simply responding to the false statements put out by the Republicans during their conventions.

    Please feel free to bring specific comments from Clinton’s transcript to my attention and I’ll review further.

    Thanks and have a good day,


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